inspiration to get crafting

ok so I picked a crib, bedding and a general theme i am going with in our lil beans nursery, and I wanted to do something semi creative and crafty to hang on the walls in her room. I was originally inspired by the quail bridal look book shoot where michelle had a friend make paper flowers that adorned the walls and were oh so fun! She even gave me the big white ones with yellow centers before she moved her studio. 

Then in my research as to how to actually make these things I came across an amazing tutorial from Martha Stewart and artist Eloise Corr Danch.

Lemme say one talented lady. Here is some of her work... INCREDIBLE... wish she had more tutorials online :) 

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  1. Nice! I love the colorful hanging flower spheres. So what's the theme then-Floral? Can't wait to see pics when you are done setting it all up!