Walker Daniel Meeh

Our sweet baby boy was born exactly on his due date, just like his sister! November 23rd, 2013 at 9:31am, weighing 8lbs 7oz 20 inches long and as healthy as could be...

My labor started on Thursday the 21st with sharp painful contractions coming every 7 minutes. I lost my mucus plug and thought "this is it!" but my contractions kept getting further apart and I slept through them. I had my final dr. appt the next morning at 9 am and my dr stripped my membranes and told me I was at a 3... going home I was still having those really painful contractions but after timing them all day, and being a grouch, they never got closer than 7 min apart, but boy were they painful! Nothing like my labor with ily. So fri night rolls around and we decide to leave ily at my parents just in case I go in the middle of the night.... I stay up till 12 timing my contractions, sitting on the ball and distracting myself with terrible friday night 48 hours and dateline shows. I kept timing them but they were still at their closest only 7 min apart, but they were getting more painful! So I finally woke dan at 2:30 am and said "if this isnt it I DONT care, they can send me away but these hurt too bad to be nothing" so off we went. We got to the hospital and I got all checked in and I was at a 5 so they said I was staying! YAY! They said they needed to monitor me for at least 30 minutes before I could walk around or get in the shower or on the ball... I wanted to try doing it natural but I wasn't dead set on it because I seriously loved my epidural with ily haha. needless to say we had a scare because 6 drs and nurses came running into my room all at once and said that the babies heart rate was dropping.. They changed my position and told me not to move, most likely the cord was wrapped around his neck and causing him distress with each contraction. Meanwhile I was DYING to get out of the bed and walk, shower, or do anything to distract me from the pain... I decided at 6 1/2 cm that I would be getting my epidural, no way could I do it if they made me lay flat. at one point I remember threatening dan's life if he didnt go and find the anesthesiologist... Poor dan, I was not nice until I got my drugs. My mom was in the corner laughing at the whole thing.... Once I got the epidural everything was wonderful... the babys heart rate still kept dropping but I felt good and the nurses kept a close eye. After an hour or 2 of sleep I was at a 10 and feeling lots of pressure. My epidural was starting to wear off and they encouraged me to not press the button so that I could feel some of the pushing.. OH man did I... seriously pushing is insane.. I won't go into details but at one point I remember saying "I can't do this"... after only 15 min, that felt like 3 hours. Our lil man came to join us. They unwrapped the cord from his neck and he was as healthy as could be. a big 8lbs 7 oz and screaming. I thought I couldn't feel love like I felt for ily, but somehow God grew my heart double fold of what it was. I love this little guy so much and pray for his life, that it would be a living sacrifice to Our savior and that he would come to love and know Him.  We feel so incredibly blessed by these two little people... They bring us joy daily and tears weekly and we don't deserve them, yet God so graciously entrusted them to us.

how i had to lay... not fun.

going home!!! my little peanut!

my new normal! 

had to get her outside, even if it is in her pjs. 

Our sweet friend Shelby and her hubby Stone are photographers and came to shoot our christmas card and Walkers newborn pics. 

getting one of this booger was near to impossible.

my men. nothing better. 

we also had a very rough January... The stomach flu, pink eye, ear infections, Walker was dropped on his head by ily... MOM fail... and then walker got RSV and had to stay overnight at Childrens hospital for breathing treatments... It was rough but we made it through. Remind me to try and plan my next baby (if there is one) for summer and not cold and flu season!!!! 

lots of naps

ER waiting game

Saddest little crib at the hospital. 

ok that is all. Sorry for the photo dump ;)